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Charles Mitchell Tanner, III

March 19, 1989 ~ June 4, 2018 (age 29)

Charles Mitchell Tanner III

March 19, 1989 ~ June 4, 2018


Charles Mitchell Tanner III, was born on March 19, 1989 in Red Bluff, California to Ruth Ruby (Ellis) Tanner and Charles Mitchell Tanner II. He left this earth on June 4, 2018 at 6:37 a.m. at the young age of 29, at Ogden Regional Hospital surrounded by family and friends when he succumbed to his injuries from a car accident earlier that morning. He is survived by his wife, Tieler; his mother, Ruby; father, Mitchell; sister, Carrie; niece, Tyller; two younger sons he didn’t have the pleasure of knowing, and his stepdaughter.

Mitchy, as we called him when he was little, was a good kid with an old soul. He was a gentle child, when he saw suffering rather it was a person or not, he would try to help. If he could not help, he would suffer along with them so they were not alone. Yet he would not share his burdon with others. If you asked someone what Mitch wanted most in life it would be to make people smile and to be loved as much as he loved everyone else. Mitch was not perfect by any means, but he tried with all his heart.

Mitch loved to be with his friends and his family, you could see the light in his eyes charge after spending time with friends and family, be that fishing, playing video games or just bull shitting on the couch. His happiest place was spending time, and going on adventures with his best friend and younger sister Carrie.  His Grandmother or Mema as so many called her, was a large part of Mitch’s life. He did his best to be as forgiving, and loving to others as she was to him.

So at this point in the story what normally happens is that all of the person’s accolades are brought out and lined up for all to see. Mitch was anything but normal, his accomplishments are better appreciated in the amounts of hearts he touched, the smiles he coaxed from the unwilling.

One night before he was even born while he was still in his mother’s stomach he kicked his own father out of bed. When his father got up off the floor thinking that his wife had pushed him out of bed, he looked and saw his sleeping very pregnant wife laying peacefully. He also noticed that his son was very active. Getting back into bed he looked at her belly and Mitchy kicked him again so hard you could see the outline of his foot on his mom’s belly. He woke her so she could see his foot and they smiled and laughed.

Mitchy loved to fish anytime, anywhere you would never hear him turn down a chance to go fishing. When he was little Mitchy, his dad, and sister went fishing to their favorite fishing hole in Red Bluff down by the banks of the Sacramento River. They would have to climb down the embankment under the bridge behind Sherrie’s. They remembered to bring lunch with them, Mc D’s burger and French fries, which was a treat. So they set up there poles and set out there tackle while his dad set up his own line with a spinner and was trying to educate young Mitch on the different types of  bait to catch a good trout. He showed him lures, crickets, and spinners. Mitchy said yep and hooked a French fry on his hook his dad asked him “what are you doing with that French fry?” “I’m going to catch trout like you dad.” “You are not going to catch anything with a French fry’’, said his dad. Mitchy nodded his head and castes his line, a moment or two later he was reeling in a  fish as he pull in a decent size rainbow bow trout he asked his dad “can I keep it” “yes” said dad. “Do you want a French fry?”

Mitchy played sports as a young boy. He was on a soccer team and baseball team. However trying to get him to pay attention to the game and not the bugs crawling in the field was a task for all of his coaches. Which if it were just him looking it would be an easy task to discourage however; he had a way of enveloping anyone around him in what he was looking at. So the problem being sometimes right and left field would be in center field sitting on their butts looking at the ants.

Going into his teenage years, Mitch came face to face with prejudice and cruelty, instead of hardening his heart, he met this with love and understanding. He took the brunt of others ignorance standing up for those around him who couldn’t.  He took whatever they threw at him and smiled usually then saying something that only angered the other party and make him smile more.

Mitch’s teen years were full, very rarely was he doing nothing. We didn’t have lots of money to spend on things, however if him, his sister, and friends were determined to do or go somewhere they would always do their part to help out. If it was going and picking up cans or any scrap metals so they could all go to a concert. One week the kids were grounded and they could not leave the yard. Their friends tried to come in the house. Mom figuring this would be a good punishment without being too severe, their friends would only stay a little bit and back in the house they would go. They followed the rules however they did not say they could not make themselves comfortable outside they brought out extension cords, tv’s, video games, and a mattress and stayed all day.

As a young man he found a love for traveling. He ventured from his home state of California and Utah, across the country to Massachusetts, Ohio, New York, back to California and on to many others. He planned to one day travel the world, and hoped to do so with friends, family, and a loved one of his own. He loved to teach his niece Tyller new things, and sit on the porch and chat with his mom, sister, and brother-in-law Patrick when he was in town.

Mitch had many ambitions as an adult and even more passions, too many to list in just a day. One of which was his fascination, was with remote controlled cars as a child, that later lead to a brief business in Ogden where he owned and helped built an RC shop. It didn’t last as long as he hoped, but it did spark his interest in owning another business one day. His passion for the unmanned car later developed into a talent that he put towards full sized automobiles, which became another passion all on its own.

Before he passed he used his skills not only in his hobbies, but to help support his new wife and her child. He was more proud to be starting a family of his own, than he was of any of his other many talents. While he only met her less than four months before he died, he loved her more than he had loved any other woman in that way. Mitchy’s love for life and his pursuit for his ultimate happiness was only rivaled by his passion to make people smile and laugh.

He was an amazing soul who loved deeper than any one person could hope to match. He will be loved, he will remembered, and most of all he will be missed. To remember his bright and cheerful soul, the family asks that you do not wear black to the funeral.

Graveside services will be held on Monday, June 11, 2018 at 2 p.m. at Evergreen Memorial Park. Friends may visit with family on Sunday from 6 to 8 p.m. at Lindquist’s Ogden Mortuary, 3408 Washington Blvd.

The family asks in lieu of flowers, if possible, that you make donations towards funding Mitchy’s headstone and other funeral costs be made at any Mountain America Credit Union.

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